About DEKA media

Music does not need words - and the path to your own, captivating and convincing interpretation is usually a spiny one.

It seems obvious that founding its own label happens for several different reasons. On the one hand it is to present a valuable musical heritage in its own interpretation, because this personal and intimate experiences with the artistic world are too unique not to share them with your surroundings. On the other hand, because a serious and passionate interpretation should be held onto as long as possible.

The name was DEKA
composes itself out of
the initials of the two
artists who made music
their life purpose.

The selection of the artists who are represented at the label was not only chosen for aesthetic reasons. A similarity in  mind and a certain personal devotion and respect for the entirety of art is given just aswell in this association of creators.

The result of each production is a symbiosis of music and creation, rendition and literary accompaniment and visual design. Composers, lyricists, graphic designers, photo and image designers, music performers - ALL are true comrades of art who are united by a one common vision.

Welcome to the bright, colorful and adventurous many-faced world of DEKA media!

Elena Denisova

Dearest music lovers,

during our first visit to Austria already, our feelings were conquered beyond measure by the indescribable poetic beauty of the Woerthersee, the storybook-like hilly landscape and mountain air and the melodious singing of birds.

Because music can doubtlessly be seen as an international language, the question of the main direction in which our company would be evolving was facilitated enormously.

We hope that this project will be giving the same spiritual enrichment to our listeners, as the endless cultural diversity of this country is able to do.

Nadezda und Andrey Klucharev